3 Qualities Men Over 40 Look For in a Woman

3 Qualities Men Over 40 Look For in a Woman

When you initial start out courting in your teens and twenties, you possible have ZERO clues on who you are or what you want from a marriage.

This is entirely usual. You are continue to studying, and figuring out this mad point referred to as life.

Just about every time you shift into a new 10 years, you have banked new encounters, uncovered a lot of lessons, and gained beneficial knowledge alongside the way.

By the time you get to your 40s, you have received a substantially far better thought of who you are and what you want. And prospects are, this is really distinct from the you 20 many years back.

So, if you are wondering what gentlemen are looking for as they get more mature, I’m breaking it down for you in this video clip.

FYI: Attributes one particular and two are primarily based on info, although amount a few is based mostly on my very own practical experience coaching many men in the past.

Below are 3 features adult males around 40 almost always seem for in a female.


Of course, adult males are hunting for a lot more than just these a few traits, and just about every guy is distinctive. But as a normal rule, you can bank on an older dude putting significant significance on these three things.


Due to the fact they are searching for a female who they are not only attracted to but can also invest a lot of time hanging out with.

Appears to be are critical, but they really do not final, and males in excess of 40 understand this and prioritize various things now to what they might’ve 20 many years back.

As you have gotten more mature, which high quality are you most attracted to in adult men?

Let me know in the responses beneath.

Your Coach,

qualities men over 40 look for

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