7 Mind Games Emotionally Insecure Men Play on Women

7 Mind Games Emotionally Insecure Men Play on Women

Are you ill and worn out of men taking part in intellect video games with you?

Possibly you see your male has a text from a lady and you request who it is…and he goes off, stating you are accusing him of cheating (when you weren’t) and demands you apologize for not trusting him.

Probably a person strings you alongside by texting you continually and producing you come to feel like a queen…and then ghosts for days or weeks….right before coming back and adoring you again.

What offers?! You’re not 12-year-olds, so why do adult males insist on messing with your intellect when all you want is a loving partnership with a great male??

It’s frustrating, heartbreaking, and frustrating, and it tends to make you worry that there are no very good guys out there.

In this week’s video, I’m likely to show expose the 7 intellect online games emotionally insecure adult males engage in on gals so that you can stay clear of the gamers and uncover the nutritious partnership you are entitled to.


Guilt journeys. Jealousy. Gaslighting. There are many thoughts video games that some men enjoy, but frankly, you never have time for them. Of course, it can be disappointing for a man who appeared to have opportunity to abruptly commence jerking you all-around, but glance at it like this: at minimum you can filter him out rapidly and move on.

Sufficient. You are carried out putting up with adult males who really don’t value you sufficient to be real and forthcoming. It’s time to get regulate of your love lifetime.

There is no space for mind games in a actual, loving partnership. A true partnership necessitates each of you placing in energy and supporting one a further in a well balanced way. It is not about one-upping your lover or seeking to have handle.

Have you dealt with adult males taking part in online games? Leave a comment below and share your tale.

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