Best Silk Pillowcases for Healthy Skin and Hair

Best Silk Pillowcases for Healthy Skin and Hair

You’ve almost certainly obtained your nighttime skin care routine down pat. Cleanser, moisturizer, serum, eye product and maybe even one of those fashionable sleeping masks. But what if we advised you that there is something else you can do to maximize the efficacy of all individuals necessities?

A silk pillowcase is the simple way to assure your skin treatment plan does what it is created to do. Contrary to their cotton counterparts, silk pillowcases are friction-no cost so they really don’t tug or stretch your skin as you’re catching your zzzs. That suggests no rest creases that can transform into wrinkles. Silk can also assist your skin treatment items remain on your confront as a substitute of the pillowcase so they can in fact do their task.

And they are not just good for your pores and skin. Silk pillowcases also slash down on frizz and the dreaded bedhead. That’s because the easy material allows your hair shift without the need of setting up up static electrical energy. They’ll also assist your blowout stick all-around lengthier.

Now that we have designed the scenario for silk pillowcases, it is time to get purchasing. Below are the eight most effective types that’ll enable you sleep soundly understanding your skin and hair are in good fingers.

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