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20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

TONS of beautifully organized closet makeovers with clothing, jewelry and shoe storage.

I’ve got major closet organization on the brain lately! I have most of our smaller closets under control, but I didn’t want to tackle anything permanent in our clothes closets until we lived with them for awhile. I find it helps to see how we use the spaces before doing anything too drastic. 

My husband and I are lucky to have our own closets — neither one is HUGE, but they are plenty big for what we need! The key is to make the most of the spaces we have and make them super functional. 

I’ve shared my jewelry and shoe storage, and it’s been working well: 

Not much else in there functions well, but hey…I have that at least! 😉 

20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

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They worked REALLY well! 

I’m not sure if I would use cabinets again or not…just because the base cabinets are so deep and take up a lot of floor space. If I did, I’d want to install fully extending drawer slides so we could access ALL of the cabinet drawers. 

I have a bunch of ideas rolling around in my head for when I decide to tackle my closet, but for now let’s take a look at these awesome DIY closet makeovers from some very talented bloggers!

Build it from scratch

If you have the know-how, a custom closet build will give you all of the functionality and storage you’re dreaming of.

20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

All of those drawers are what dreams are made of! 🙂 

20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

If you can build wood boxes, you can make custom shelving for your exact needs.

I love the natural wood in that closet and this one as well — it’s a coat closet but you could create the same segmented organization for hanging and folded clothes: 
20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick
20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick
20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

Oh my, look at those lovely solid shelves.  I can’t wait to lose all of our wire shelves! 

20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

You’ll save a ton of money if you create built in closet units like these!

IKEA Pax closet builds

Of course no closet round up would be complete without the IKEA options! There are so many ways to customize these for your specific needs. 

This IKEA Pax closet has to be the most organized closet I’ve ever seen!: 
20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

SO awesome! Her husband’s side is just as beautiful! 

20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

Soft task lighting makes everything look better!

20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

I love the mirrored front panels! Those would be perfect for a smaller closet where there isn’t room for a full length mirror. 

20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

This is definitely an option I’m considering for my closet! 

Organized kid’s closets

Even though the kid stuff is smaller, there always seems to be more of it. 🙂 

20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

I love the blue and gold wallpaper accent as well. 😍

The husband’s side of the closet 

We can’t forget the spouses! 

20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick
20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

I love the pull out pant hangers — brilliant. 

I’m planning to start with my closet and then I’ll tackle my husband’s… you know, when I work out the kinks. That’s what I always say anyway. 😉 

Organizing the small stuff

Whenever I see a closet great makeover, the little details are always my favorite part. I love seeing how people organize the small stuff like shoes, jewelry and purses. 

20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

If you have extra hanging space this is a great way to keep everything out where you can see it. 

20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

So simple but so smart! 

20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

How smart is that! They are perfect for bigger shoes like these — it would also make great storage for sweaters and sweatshirts.

20 gorgeous DIY custom closets | Thrifty Decor Chick

How smart! You’ll quickly be able to find exactly what you need. 

I love all of these closet organization projects! They are giving me so many ideas for our closets…hmmmm.

Have you used any of these closet ideas? Any you use and love?  

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Homemade Crock Pot applesauce recipe | Thrifty Decor Chick

Homemade Crock Pot applesauce recipe | Thrifty Decor Chick

This scrumptious handmade Crock-Pot applesauce recipe is only a few substances!

The 1st time I produced this fantastic homemade applesauce, I believed it would be a very long, laborious procedure involving smashing 25 apples by hand or anything like that. I was OH so improper.

My good friend Cristina shared this quick Crock-Pot recipe with me a long time in the past. When I asked how she built it, she was all, “Oh I just toss the apples in a pot with some cinnamon, it’s thoroughly simple” and my brain was BLOWN.

I experienced no notion! So I did a very little investigate and found she was totally appropriate. (Not that I didn’t believe her of system.) You can make it even less difficult than I did — look at out some of my tips later in the submit. 

Here’s the recipe I use in my Crock-Pot – I toss it all in and appear dwelling to applesauce.

You just can’t beat that.

A few ingredient do-it-yourself crockpot applesauce 

Ten to 12 apples — peeled*, sliced, cored

1/2 cup sugar*


This write-up could contain affiliate back links for your convenience. 

The initially stage is the only one that requires time – peeling, coring and chopping up the apples. 

Luckily I have an apple peeler/corer/slicer:
Peelota apple peeler slicer corer

This 1 is known as the Peelota. Ha! I don’t believe they’re created any more, but this apple peeler is beautiful and will maintain up even greater than my plastic one particular.

easy apple slicer corer
It helps make rapid work of acquiring the apples cored and peeled. 


You do NOT have to peel apples for applesauce! It will turn out just as delectable with peels intact.

The apples seemed like this when I was finished peeling and slicing:
peeled and cored apples

I just cut the apples in 50 % from the prime. If you really don’t have a peeler, you’ll want to slice them up or lower into substantial chunks.

This slicer/corer is super helpful for slicing apples into easy parts:
Handheld apple slicer/corer

What apples are best for applesauce?   

Almost any apple is high-quality! It depends on your preference — sweet or tart? 

  • If you like tart apples go with a Granny Smith. 
  • I desire sweeter sauce so normally go with an apple like Jonathan, Fuji, Gala or Honeycrisp. 
  • Softer apples will cook dinner up a lot quicker — versions like Golden Delightful, McIntosh and Fuji will make the procedure go more rapidly. 
  • Combine two or 3 kinds in do-it-yourself applesauce for fantastic flavor!

Red Delicious apples do not heat well and will not turn out as properly in applesauce.

All you do is dump the apples in the crockpot and sprinkle on as significantly cinnamon as you like:
simple crock pot applesauce

I insert a few dashes of nutmeg too — YUM! 

The original recipe calls for 1/2 cup of sugar, but I locate you can use significantly less and it is just as delicious. You could not even want to incorporate it — taste test the applesauce a few hours in to see if you want to include some sweetness. 

No have to have to stir even though cooking — just pile them in, set the lid on and set the Crock-Pot to prepare dinner on higher for four hrs.

The scent while these cook dinner is Incredible! Who requires candles? Just make applesauce just about every day!    

We like it chunky (identify that movie) so I get in touch with it completed immediately after about 4 several hours. Observe yours to see when to acquire it off of the warmth: 
easy chunky applesauce recipe

It is particularly tasty warm right out of the slow cooker. It is really like a dessert truly — have you ever heated up your applesauce? 

Variations on this selfmade applesauce recipe: 

  • Insert much more spices to give it a little bit of a kick — clove, allspice and my nutmeg addition are all fantastic.
  • If it truly is too watery for your taste, pressure the juice and retain for apple cider. (Add brown sugar, cook dinner for a couple a lot more hours and then strain.)
  • Make this recipe a great deal speedier with a tension cooker!
  • If your young ones like to “dip” their food items, consider it with cinnamon graham crackers.
This very simple applesauce is SO Very good and so straightforward:
Simple crockpot applesauce ingredients
And not far too terrible for you both!

What to do with excess applesauce:

  • If you permit it continue to keep cooking and insert brown sugar, you may close up with apple butter! 
  • Try to eat with vanilla ice product for a delectable dessert. 😋
  • Pile on warm crepes or waffles.
  • Use it to make donuts or apple bread (replace the pumpkin in this recipe with applesauce).
  • Jar the applesauce for lovely slide or holiday break items.
  • Use it instead of apple slices in my remarkable Mountain Dew apple dumplings!:
Mt. Dew apple dumplings

There you go – have I blown your brain? Or all you all, duh Sarah…it’s absolutely quick. 

I truly had no plan. Now go get some apples and prepare dinner it up! You will thank me. 🙂 

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How to decorate the Everett foyer table | Thrifty Decor Chick

How to decorate the gorgeous Everett lobby desk from Environment Market place. 

I’m really confident this beautiful sofa/lobby desk is the most renowned piece of furnishings in blogland or Instagram! The Everett lobby table is ridiculous functional and looks SO superior…it doesn’t shock me it really is so well-liked.  

It truly is a lengthy table (one particular of the motives I appreciate it!), so it can be tough to determine out how to adorn and design it. When I to start with acquired it I struggled with what to do on the extended bottom shelf. 

More than the a long time I’ve uncovered it’s tricky to go erroneous with this piece!

I’m sharing some decorating strategies and exhibiting you all the ways I’ve accessorized this table in several rooms.

This submit may perhaps contain affiliate links for your convenience. 

There’s a bit of a lime or white wash accent throughout:

weathered natural finish on Everett table

It is really more pronounced in some spots, not as noticeable in other people. 

There is also a whitewash complete available: 

whitewash Everett table

That 1 is on clearance correct now! If you really like the table and not the shade, you could get that choice and paint it. (Now I’m imagining how terrific it would look in black.)

Some Everett foyer table information:

  • It actions 71″ broad by 16″ deep and is 32″ tall.
  • There are two shallow drawers and the extended bottom shelf.
  • Entire world Market says it really is created of a blend of pine, acacia, MDF, veneer and plywood. (Very the combo!)
  • It does demand some assembly, but I do not bear in mind it taking very long to set with each other.
  • The legs have really turned information: 
Everett sofa table legs

As I was gathering the photographs for this write-up I recognized how wonderful this desk seems in each individual place! At very first I considered we just experienced it in our previous family members space and now our lobby. 

And then I remembered we also set it in our basement for awhile. And our eating area. 🙂 

It performs Almost everywhere. 

It is really particularly adaptable mainly because it is so shallow — only 16 inches deep. 

We have utilised it as both of those a couch table and a corridor/lobby table more than the a long time. I acquired my Everett table way again in 2013: 
decorating the Everett sofa table
The more substantial family place permitted us to unfold out, so the desk was moved around to that board and batten wall:
analytical gray white board and batten

I’m a lover of symmetry, so I’m biased. But a extended table like this seems to be SO fantastic when balanced out with a lamp on each and every stop: 

symmetrical decor on foyer table

At some point I required to use that extended base shelf for storage, so I was on the lookout for the perfect baskets.

I searched for months! I’m rather sure I acquired these from Target and they ended up exactly what I desired: 

decorating Everett table for fall

I saved the pet and cat toys in one and some of our son’s toys in the other. Excellent for uncomplicated cleanse up!

It's good to be home DIY art

See how perfectly this complete operates with all forms of colours and wood tones? 

This desk must search specifically wonderful in the drop due to the fact most of my photos ended up of it decorated for that time. 🙂

I like leaning a mirror or big art on a desk like this. I sooner or later included a bit more to the wall above when we received our new sofa: 
tall board and batten wall trim

When we moved into this dwelling I quickly put the Everett in our eating/morning space: 

You can inform soon after dwelling in a hotel for 9 weeks I was craving a considerably less difficult glance. ) The desk performs wonderful as a buffet in a dining place or kitchen due to the fact of the length. 

I afterwards moved it down to the basement — can you inform I cherished people eco-friendly lamps?:
long wood sofa table decorating
I am loving how the publications and decor appeared in my long DY wood trough. If you have this desk, a lengthy wood container like fills the bottom shelf wonderfully. 
At some point I moved the table up to our foyer — the dimension was great: 
Everett foyer table decor

The moment I find the correct combination I will not likely transform it for Many years. The components on our Everett desk have not adjusted a lot in the previous couple of several years:

All round I have been extremely delighted with the quality. One particular drawer has been wonky since I put it collectively all individuals several years back, but of course has not bothered me as well a lot! I have under no circumstances tried out to take care of it in all that time.

It survived remaining moved into and out of our homes and two months in storage. It is really just as strong as the day we got it. 

Do you have this versatile Everett foyer table? I’ll probably have it close to without end! Keep in mind you can effortlessly include your possess particulars with drawer hardware or portray it. 

Remember to, an individual paint it black with brass components and send me a photo. ) 

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How to clean filthy window tracks and sills | Thrifty Decor Chick

How to clean filthy window tracks and sills | Thrifty Decor Chick

I examined 3 ways to thoroughly clean filthy doorway and window tracks. See my favourite strategy listed here!

Our window sills and door tracks are GROSS and have necessary to be cleaned for a loooong time. 

We have lived below approximately 4 years and never ever cleaned them. (Hangs head in shame.) Our sliding back again doorway keep track of was by much the worst spot. YUCK.

I are unable to believe that I forgot to get a photograph of the total right before, but will not be concerned, you may get to see lots of the nastiness as we go. 

I have wanted to deal with these spots for a very long time, but required to determine out the ideal way to clean the sills and tracks right before starting up. If not I knew it would consider permanently to get all of the grime out of the tiny crevices. 

I did some investigation and uncovered three hacks/applications for cleansing out your soiled window sills and door tracks. I analyzed all a few for you and am sharing my outcomes! 

This put up could contain affiliate inbound links for your convenience. 

Sill and keep track of brush cleansing set 

I located this window sill brush cleaning established that also has a number of other helpful cleansing doodads. They are all fantastic for lesser areas and really hard to achieve regions: 
detail brushes for cleaning window sills

I figured this hard bristle brush would do best career of cleansing the goo out of our doorway observe: 

how to clean filthy sliding door track

I very first sprayed the whole track with a cleaning option, then begun in with this brush. 

It did a good career of cleaning the grime off the base of the keep track of, but failed to get into the corners a great deal at all. 

So I tried using yet another one particular in the package that worked Considerably superior: 

brush for cleaning sliding door track

This just one has plastic bristles as effectively, but they have additional give. It was so a lot easier to get into the very little crevices. 

It did a great position! But even following scrubbing, rinsing and wiping it up, there was however plenty of dust in there.

Subsequent up, I tried out an strategy I experienced viewed on Pinterest TONS of occasions. It appeared so straightforward, I was psyched to see how it worked! 

The slash sponge window sill strategy

For this 1, you get a scrub sponge and mark in which you will need to minimize so the sponge will healthy correctly into the door observe or sill: 

window track sponge hack fail

My very first inclination that this was not going to do the job effectively was when I found in all of the pics on the internet the yellow, softer facet of the sponge was becoming cut/used.

I understood that would not be enough to get the grime and goo, so I did it with the inexperienced scrub facet down. 

Issue is, it is really not easy to minimize a straight, cleanse line into that eco-friendly part. 

I attempted a sharp razor blade and it was hard. I seriously experienced to dig it in to get it slash and quickly understood this was not a protected option. The sponge is far too smaller to get great, various cuts with a razor blade (safely). 

Then I tried using scissors, which labored a lot better. But it wasn’t a clean line and was continue to complicated to get it reduce just appropriate. 

At last, I made the decision to just attempt the softer yellow side like all of the instructions present. I used a sharp knife and commenced to slice into it when the most hideous squeak sounds…five million moments even worse than fingernails on a chalkboard…erupted from the sponge. 


Could not do it. 

I finished up trying it with my horrible scissor cuts and it was just a big, fats no: 

window track cleaning fail

I didn’t get the notches in the sponge deep ample, but even so I could convey to quickly it was not going to work. 

If you maintain up with cleansing your door tracks on a regular basis, applying a sponge would most likely be a terrific possibility! The brushes I confirmed you very first worked WAY greater even though. 

My remaining experiment was by significantly the winner! Of study course it expenses the most, but I can not Wait to try out this out on all kinds of stuff all-around the house. (And the cost really is not negative thinking about how substantially we’ll use it.)

Handheld steam cleaner (for the acquire!)

Holy cow, this issue is astounding!! Exactly where has it been all my lifestyle? 

I can’t stop viewing them. I found out The Detail Geek and his movies are mesmerizing to enjoy. They’re specially enjoyable in advance of mattress. 

He utilizes a steam cleaner in the automobiles he details and it really is astounding how well they thoroughly clean. I had to get a single…primarily considering the fact that I believed it may perhaps operate effectively on our door observe! 

It will come with a bunch of minimal attachments. From the assessments that I browse, the grout cleaner attachment is astounding. The films are amazing!: 

small household cleaning steamer

I employed the essential nozzle attachment and was amazed at how rapidly the grime and grime melted off of the monitor. 

Instantly I knew this 1 was the winner: 

cleaning window tracks with steamer

It was excellent for obtaining into the tiny crevices and corners. You will find an angled attachment that will make it even simpler to get into those people limited places. 

There are smaller, spherical brush attachments that are great because you can actually scrub the surface area in blend with the steam: 

steamer to clean door and window tracks

By the way, I tried using to keep away from the real window — I failed to run the steam alongside the plastic ideal up against the window just in situation it would have an effect on a seal in any way. I have no notion if it would, but figured it was finest to not likelihood it. 

I went back and forth amongst the two attachments to thoroughly clean and then immediate the filthy water to the drain holes: 

filthy door tracks

When it was thoroughly clean, I finished up with a magic eraser to get as a great deal of the black marks off of the plastic and metallic as attainable. 

The combo of individuals two did the best task by Much. I was comprehensively impressed with this steamer. 

This is a search at how this segment appeared just after I begun employing the steamer: 

how to clean dirty door tracks

And how it appears to be like right after…clean and dry: 

easily clean door tracks

The the steel monitor wherever we wander in and out has some stains that will not likely appear out, but general this facet seems to be SO Significantly Improved: 

cleaning filthy door tracks

Guy, I wish I had taken a prior to pic. It was filthy. 

Next I started off on the window sills: 

dirty window sill cleaning

Justification the dirty kitty paw prints. 🙂 

Normally I’d pull the monitor out, but I this one particular was trapped. No problems, it still turned out mad clear!

The very same cleansing combo of the steamer and magic eraser labored properly there as well.

sparkling clean window sill

This small detail brush was primarily useful right after it experienced dried: 

small detail brush for cleaning window tracks

I made use of that a single to brush into tricky-to-achieve spots to get any remaining dust/grime, then vacuumed it up. 

I are not able to even feel how a great deal much better the tracks on the home windows and doors are searching! It seriously is obvious, at least to us. 

Only 583 home windows to go! (Feels like that anyway.) 

Execs and downsides of employing this handheld steam cleaner: 

  • This cleaning software is for adults only — the best in which you fill the steamer and nozzle get Sizzling.
  • No cleaning resolution needed — just the steam!
  • If you use the instrument without having an attachment, the dirt occasionally spatters. I located the additional filthy a place, the additional this occurred. It truly is easy to direct the spatters with the nozzle and thoroughly clean them up although. 
  • I do desire it was a bit greater with a more substantial h2o tank. I only had to fill it 2 times for the door observe nevertheless. 
  • You can use this steamer for dresses too! They have a hose and material attachments you can obtain as perfectly. 
  • This is by significantly the quickest and most economical way to clear the sills. It built really brief work of it — I would have been digging filth out of the crevices endlessly.  
  • It genuinely “melts” the grime and most of the time there is certainly no need to have to scrub later on. Just wipe with a rag. 
  • It is really $30, but we are going to use it just about everywhere. The auto, bathrooms, even outside the house! 
  • This steamer has a long twine, which is good if you happen to be tackling a several windows in one particular spot.  

Have you tried 1 of the procedures I tried using? Any other terrific thoughts you have used? Anyone experienced achievements with the sponge slicing? What did I do improper? ) 

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Rattan or wicker basket pendant lights {DIY or buy} | Thrifty Decor Chick

Rattan or wicker basket pendant lights {DIY or buy} | Thrifty Decor Chick

Incorporating some warmth and texture to my workplace with a rattan basket light-weight over the desk. (And how to make your very own!)

I Enjoy the search of basket lights and have experimented with (unsuccessfully) a couple times to insert them all around our home. 

Both times I determined that the basket I was applying just wasn’t the proper dimensions. I have also acquired the basket demands to have superior composition so it hangs evenly. 

I however want to include a Do-it-yourself edition someplace in our house, so it will take place at some position. (Stay tuned to the conclude of this put up for a bunch of do-it-you basket lights.)

I really like the purely natural, non-fussy seem and the heat they bring to a space. I have experienced my eye out for an inexpensive rattan pendant for over my desk in the workplace — I understood it would appear so great with the wood floors and environmentally friendly bookcase wall!
I changed the low-cost flush mount light in in this article shortly right after we moved in with this fabric drum shade pendant light:

green bookcases with desk

This write-up may possibly contain affiliate back links for your convenience. 

It was a welcome present from a business I labored with and I beloved the spherical form and the large width. 

I shortly recognized I required a little something I could cling nearer to the desk for a lot more light. And I knew a extra organic design would glimpse seriously good in listed here! My husband has asked for this 1 in his basement office environment so it will transfer down there.

Problem is, the wider rattan/basket lights (with more than a person bulb) I discovered on line are NOT cheap, even in the simplest types. 

Since I am getting my standard conclusion-of-summer/heading-into-tumble mojo back again, I decided it was about time to make this materialize!  

Lowe's rattan basket light

AND it was in stock at our neighborhood shop! 

Can you believe that I hadn’t been to a components retail outlet in 3 months? My butt has been in that office chair all summertime since I have been doing the job on again conclusion web site things. 

I grabbed 1 of the two they experienced still left and when I walked out to the parking good deal, a lady stopped me to ask about it. She did a literal satisfied dance when I advised her there was one particular left. Ha! She designed my day. 

It was quite straight forward to install — I will say if you get this unique light-weight you’ll want to hold it up and examine for wonkiness right before installing. 

I experienced to bend components a couple of destinations for the reason that the drum form was a small off. I also experienced to hook the scaled-down shade a little lessen on a person facet because it was not hanging correctly straight: 

double drum shade light fixture

But oh male, I appreciate it!! It was just what I envisioned for above my desk: 

wood X desk vintage vogue green

I adore the heat tones of this a single — I never think a lighter rattan would have labored as perfectly. The included texture is so lovely! 😍

In general I am quite happy with it, and the selling price is not terrible for the dimension! 

If you have been on the lookout for 1 of these basket pendant lights, they are not as well difficult to make on your personal. 

You can expect to need a metallic (for a additional industrial glance) basket or a woven variation. I gathered a bunch of wicker choices that would operate superbly! 

I failed to make my own this time for the reason that I will need a lot more gentle around my desk than just one bulb can give, and most I located only have the just one. 

If you don’t have electrical in your ceiling, swag cords do the job wonderful. You plug them in on the wall and then use ceiling hooks to swag them where by you want your light to cling. 

This rope swag kit is so awesome and gives you a more customized glimpse than a regular twine: 
rope swag plug in light cord

I gathered a bunch of rather basket lights less than $200 (most perfectly underneath $100) that can be wired or hung with one particular of the adaptors I stated previously mentioned: 

basket lights under $200

Wouldn’t they glimpse awesome about a kitchen island? Love. 

In this article are links for each and every one particular: 

I observed some wonderful Diy basket pendant tutorials to share with you as perfectly! This genuinely is a basic challenge. 

My pal Angela did a trio of three basket lights on her deck: 

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My top 10 DIY hacks that make projects much easier

My top 10 DIY hacks that make projects much easier

These ten Do-it-yourself hacks will make your up coming portray or wood establish challenge a lot easier!

I’ve collected my favored minimal hacks and tips for dwelling Diy jobs to share with you! They are tips that save funds and make assignments go substantially smoother. 

I use ALL of them regularly and they assistance a ton, whether or not you’re staining, portray or constructing. 

My summer time of slothdom is about to end my buddies! If you’ve got been looking through for awhile you know how I do. Warmth can make me…weary. And grumpy. But typically genuinely lazy weary. 

I am presently dreaming up a bunch of Do-it-yourself projects I want to tackle now that a regular agenda will be on us once more shortly. 

That had me pondering about these Do-it-yourself tricks. Some of them are fairly essential, but I wish I would have recognized about them in my early do-it-myself days. 

Hardly ever fail to remember a paint shade

We’ve all been there — you need to have to contact up a place, or you really like a color so considerably you want to use it yet again. But did you use eggshell or satin? Was the color Storm Cloud or Stormy Clouds? 

Use a sharpie and label the again of your swap address with the identify, sheen and brand name of your paint: 

This submit may possibly contain affiliate backlinks for your convenience. 

This is super useful, in particular if you happen to be applied comparable hues all through your home, or even a diverse sheen. 

If you have to have more for touch ups, realizing what type of paint you made use of will be primarily handy. Various formulas might search significantly unique even nevertheless they’re the very same paint colour and sheen. 

Insulation tubing to fill holes

use insulation tubing to fill large trim

It truly is the excellent way to fill substantial gaps in trim or along the floor. (Backer rod is made for this intent, but any compact foam tubing will do the job!)

Considering the fact that it really is so easy to manipulate, you can reduce it to the dimensions you have to have and squish it into the smallest spots: 

fill large cracks with insulation tubing

It is especially useful when you have a huge hole you want to caulk over — you’d have to use a TON of caulk. With caulk you have to fill, then and wait more than and in excess of all over again as it dries, fill far more, let it dry, and so forth. 

With this it fills that in, you can expect to save all that caulk and you can end it off with a bead of caulk correct more than it. 

This would also be a further great way to fill large holes in the wall! I have a strategy I have used for several years, but a small cut of this may possibly function even superior. 

Paper bag in its place of sandpaper 

I Really like this very little hack and use it typically. Tear off a piece of paper bag to do your final sanding on wood staining and polyurethane projects: 

sanding with paper bag
I genuinely appreciate this for immediately after the final coat of polyurethane or protecting complete on wood — when you will not want to destroy the end by sanding (even with a fine grit), but you do want to knock down the small bits that keep your concluded merchandise from getting completely clean. 

Just “sand” all in excess of the surface area with the paper bag and it will knock all of that down and leave you with a beautifully easy area and no marks. 

You can use this paper bag trick above a DRY painted surface area as well!

Make low cost wood look a great deal improved

You can use “prevalent” pine or pick out pine — I use choose pine for the regions you can expect to really see…like the trim on the front of bookcases. 

Common pine is the most low-cost and will have additional knots and imperfections:

filling imperfections in cheap wood

A ton of the time I will just roll on my paint closely in those areas and enable it go at that. You can see below that the paint failed to fill in that tough spot more than enough. 

If that would not address it perfectly plenty of or I want a really expert search and really feel (AKA I am attempting to be individual), I use a putty knife and wooden filler to fill in all those places: 

filling knots in cheap wood

I also use spackle (that I use when filling drywall holes) and it holds up just as very well. 

Use the putty knife to drive the filler in and then evenly sand ahead of portray again. You will never even discover the imperfections when you are completed!

Shims are your friend 

using shims to make cabinets level

You can use them beneath, at the rear of and in concerning to get almost everything beautifully flush. 

But they’re also beneficial for created in projects and getting the entrance trim looking super skilled:

make bookcase trim flush

See how seamless these front frames are on the bookcases? That front trim is the most vital element in my belief — it really is what you see much more than just about anything else! 

If your trim would not match up perfectly, you can use shims to provide the trim forward and flush with the relaxation. 

I did not just take the time to do this on my office environment created ins. To fix it and bring the entrance of the cabinets forward just a bit, you can want to tap the thin stop of the shims at the rear of that trim right until it brings it forward sufficient: 

how to use shims in build projects

By the way, it really is not the end of the globe…most of the time only you will detect these tiny imperfections. (And any person else who does will get a cookie…)

You may possibly have to do it from the two the prime and the bottom, but it will work! When you have the shim where you want it, score it with a razor and snap off the conclusion with the skinny section even now at the rear of the trim. 

Use caulk to fill in any gaps the shims established on the best of the shelf. (On bookcases most will be over your head in any case.)

Buying the perfect piece of wood

The far more you invest on wood, the a lot less you will have to watch for imperfections. It is really worthy of it to me to spend (a great deal) fewer on pine and spend a little much more time digging to come across “cleaner” boards. 

Check out for huge knots (they might pop up or out of the wooden about time), sticky sap (that is not possible to get off) and lacking chunks of wood. 

If you obtain a board that checks all of individuals off the list, you may also want to check the wood for bowing. A piece will glance great on the shelf, and then you will get it household and comprehend it really is so horribly uneven you are not able to get it to lay flat. 

You can prevent this by keeping the board in entrance of you on the flooring and eyeing it suitable down the center: 

how to check wood for bowing

You will quickly be capable to notify if it’s straight and flat. 

If you seem closely, you are going to see that my board is a bit bowing at the end — just a bit of a bow that goes to the right. This does not hassle me at all if I’m working with the wooden for front trim, as I know I will be in a position to safe it well enough. 

I always check my skinnier molding parts for bowing as very well. If it is slim plenty of you are going to be equipped to straighten it out all through install, but some pieces should be averted all collectively. 

Test wooden boards from all sides, as the wooden can bow all sorts of methods. 

Get uniform spacing 

If the spacing isn’t really steady you will observe that smaller imperfection much more than you believe. 

I have uncovered a coin is an straightforward way to get that properly thin, constant hole involving each and every shiplap: 

using a coin to space shiplap

You can want to move it down the plank as you nail it in. From time to time I use a penny for a smaller crack, occasionally a nickel.

Scrap wooden minimize to the size you have to have is also Terrific way to easily preserve measurements dependable when you might be putting in a trim challenge: 

scrap wood jigs to space trim projects

They make it Considerably less difficult to maintain steady distances through your venture: 

easy wainscoting installation tips

Reducing a gap in the center of wood 

Sometimes you may require to cut a gap for an outlet, swap plate or vent on the wall. A jigsaw is the very best way to slice these scaled-down, thorough places:

cutting wood with jigsaw

It is really uncomplicated to do when your cuts are on the side of the board — just begin slicing with your jigsaw from the facet. 

But if you require to lower a hole in the center of the board, this trick is practical. Do NOT try to commence a slash with a jigsaw right on the wooden. It will rattle all about and most likely snap the blade. 

As an alternative, use a drill and drill little bit to drill holes into your wood as a “starter” for the jigsaw: 

drill holes into wood to start jigsaw

That way you can slip your jigsaw blade into the gap and begin a straight cut. I like to use four holes so I you should not have to do any curved cuts. 

Use scrap to protect your projects

I tend to retain way too substantially scrap wooden…I have learned to allow go around the yrs but it hurts my soul a little little bit each and every time. 

I do continue to keep some scrap due to the fact I’ve acquired it really is difficult to end a great deal of Do-it-yourself jobs without having it! 

When you have a board that is heading to match just a tad much too tight into a spot (and you really will not want to go slash millimeters off of it for the 3rd TIME), use scrap pieces to pound your trim into location: 

using scrap wood to install tight wood

Listed here I’m keeping the scrap underneath the trim and hammering it into area until it is stage. If you tried using to do this straight to the wonderful trim aspect, you’d dent the sides or front with your hammer or mallet. 

You you should not at any time want to force your wooden where it will never in good shape, so if it’s way much too extensive cut it down. 

A piece that is thisclose to fitting, you can very easily maneuver it into location by pounding it with your scrap wood. And your very good wooden will nevertheless glance excellent! 

If you appear carefully, you are going to see that I also use scrap to produce down my measurements. Specially useful if you’re likely up or down actions to cut your wooden and you tend to overlook the precise measurement by the time you get to the noticed. 🙂 

I also use scrap wood parts to remove trim — if you set much too significantly stress on a crowbar it will dent or crack the drywall: 

how to remove baseboards

If you can find a great deal resistance as you drive the crowbar again to pull the base absent, it will dent your walls. Place a slim piece of scrap wood driving the crowbar and the wood will disperse the pressure. 

Very easily clean paint brushes

I use this brush cleansing comb each time I thoroughly clean my paint brushes: 

paint brush cleaning comb

You use it to comb the paint and dried up bits out of your paint brush. I use it when I wash the brushes, and then at times afterwards after they dry to get any minimal supplemental bits out of there just before portray again. 

If you use it continually, your brushes will last a very very long time. It has saved me hundreds of dollars over the several years! 

Do you use any of these simple Do-it-yourself hacks? I use them on ALL of my projects, big to small. I’m absolutely sure I’ve overlooked a couple, but these are my favorites. 

Any other individuals you use persistently? Experience absolutely free to share in the responses. 🙂 

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Delicious Mountain Dew apple dumplings

Delicious Mountain Dew apple dumplings

This apple dumpling recipe is made with Mountain Dew and is totally delectable!

Sure, these apple dumplings have odd ingredient that made me pause the initial time I built them. Soda? Will never they get all mushy and gross and style like…soda?

But I went with it and I’m so happy I did! How can a thing so simple and uncomplicated taste so very good?

SO. Very good.

These sweet dumplings just take about 10 minutes to put together and 40 or so minutes to bake. 

Delicious Mountain Dew apple dumplings

Here is what you may need to have to double the recipe for a bigger group. This solution will make 16 apple dumplings:

Straightforward Mountain Dew apple dumplings (16)

Two Granny Smith apples 

Cinnamon (as a lot as you would like) 

Two offers crescent rolls 

1 tsp vanilla 

3/4 cup sugar

3/4 cup brown sugar

Two sticks unsalted butter, melted (just do it) 

Twelve ounces Mountain Dew

I not often make that many dumplings (primarily since I know I would eat them all). 

So I want to half the recipe as follows: 

Halved Mountain Dew apple dumplings (8)

1 Granny Smith apple


Dash of vanilla 

1/4 + two tbsp (or 6 tbsp) sugar

1/4 + two tbsp (or six tbsp) brown sugar

One particular adhere unsalted butter, melted

6 ounces Mountain Dew 

(see underneath for much more details on the soda volume)

To start out, preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Peel and slice your apple(s). 

I peel initially and then slice making use of this apple slicer/corer that would make slicing the apple into sections tremendous quick:

apple slicer/corer

You will have 8 properly cut slices for your eight crescent rolls. 

Lay out your crescent rolls and wrap your apple slices:  

crescent cinnamon apple dumplings

I increase the cinnamon before rolling them up. 

Wrap them up effectively and position in a 8×8 or 9×13 dish: 

easy apple dumplings in pan

Both size pan will work — you may want to regulate the quantity of soda you use for every single dimension. I will share much more on that in a bit. 

I shut up the ends of the dumplings so the apples are totally protected. 

Combine the sugar, brown sugar, (melted) butter and vanilla in a separate bowl. 

It will glance like slim applesauce: 

sugar mixture for dumplings

This aspect is the place I feel I manufactured these even far more impressive, on incident decades ago. ) 

We failed to have adequate sugar the to start with time I manufactured this recipe, so I figured brown sugar would operate as properly. I used 50 percent brown sugar/fifty percent sugar in its place of all sugar like the first recipe called for. 

I think that small improve makes these added Wonderful.

Spoon your applesauce sugar mixture more than the dumplings: 

easy dumpling recipe

Did I point out these usually are not the most appetizing just before baking? Force on my friends. 

Lastly, pour the Mountain Dew into the pan around the apples: 

Mountain Dew apple dumpling recipe

You can pour it all over or all-around — I prefer to pour it into the pan to make certain a browned, crispy best on the crescents rolls.   

When I use this smaller sized 8×8 pan I really don’t use really half of the Mountain Dew. Just sufficient to protect the base of the pan. If you might be applying a larger sized dish, you can add more as it will just take more to deal with the bottom. 

Bake the dumplings in a 350 diploma oven for 35-50 minutes. I know which is a vast window, but it will all depend on your oven and how crispy you want them to be. 

I bake them closer to 50 minutes. If you want them further crispy on best, I propose accomplishing the exact: 

delicious apple dumpling dessert

Just maintain an eye on them to the end!

I doubted these when I first noticed them out of the oven — they seemed like they would be whole mush all the way by way of.

But I persevered.

And extra some ice cream:

Mountain Dew apple dumpling dessert

Vanilla ice product actually should be an additional ingredient. It’s pretty much necessary. 🙂 

They are SO Excellent. I can not convey the deliciousness of these easy apple dumplings. 

The best of both worlds…the base is mushy, the apple is tender:

easy crescent roll and apple dessert

And the leading is crispy and flaky!

classic apple dumplings with ice cream

You will not be upset! YUM. 

I may possibly have eaten a pair for lunch nowadays. 

Versions on these scrumptious apple dumplings… 

  • If you you should not have Mountain Dew, any crystal clear citrus clear soda will get the job done! Sprite or Squirt should really taste just as fantastic. 
  • Drizzle caramel or sprinkle powdered sugar on top rated for a very little added somethin’.
  • I hear peaches are just as delightful in this recipe!
  • Many of my viewers abroad don’t have crescent rolls — you can use a puff pastry or any refrigerated dough. 

Go get some apples and brown sugar and make them quickly. You can thank me by sending a few our way. 😁

Have you tried out these uncomplicated apple dumplings still? Any other straightforward dessert recipes I can not dwell 1 a lot more day with out?

Pin this just one for afterwards with this picture!: 

apple dumpling recipe with Mountain Dew

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Turn an IKEA Tarva dresser into a nightstand | Thrifty Decor Chick

Turn an IKEA Tarva dresser into a nightstand | Thrifty Decor Chick

How to convert the modest Tarva dresser from IKEA into a beautiful bedroom

I searched for the perfect nightstands for our room for decades! I could under no circumstances obtain specifically
what I needed. 

They had to be tall adequate and have loads of storage. (We hold a large amount of guides
in our nightstands.) OH and the biggie — they could not price hundreds of dollars every. 

I at last finished up with the Tarva dresser from IKEA following seeing all the ways
you can
hack the Tarva dresser to get the glimpse you want.    

This Tarva line comes in a range of dimensions, from a few to six drawers. They
all arrive unfinished, so you can personalize them exactly how you want for your

The drawers are nice and roomy and you can slash down the legs to regulate the
height of the dressers. The finest section — they are only $100 each individual! 

This is how our Tarva nightstands begun out:

When I place them with each other several years ago I lower down the legs with my observed. It manufactured them the perfect height for by the mattress.

I went back and forth on a glimpse for these Without end. Here is a reminder of how
they seemed in our outdated master: 

Ikea Tarva transformation

This submit could contain affiliate one-way links for your convenience. 

I changed the wooden knobs with random IKEA kinds we previously had — not sure why
cause it didn’t do a total good deal to aid it out. ) 

I often understood I’d use stain in some way and add some trim. The specific particulars I
wasn’t absolutely sure of. But when we moved into this residence it all fell into
put. I required to use a deep blue colour and a dim stain. I went back and forth on
whether I really should stain the entrance of the drawers or stain the trim and

I made the decision on the latter primarily because the pine these are designed of is not
always the finest. There are a lot of knots I failed to want to

I begun painting with no primer — I am a rebel! I knew I was likely to
have to do several coats no make any difference what. 

Right after the very first coat it really is significant to do a gentle sanding to knock down the
texture that pops up with paint:

How to paint pine furniture

You can have to do that with primer as effectively. No will need to go insane with it —
just a light going around is fine. Wipe it down with a rag or tack cloth in advance of
moving on to your following coat! (This really blue is known as Gale Power.)

What a variation a different coat makes! The grain will become much less and a lot less

See the variance among the best drawer and the bottom

Gale Force Sherwin Williams

I started out on the stain to wooden top of the dresser though I waited on the paint
to dry. 

Jacobean stain Minwax

I use gloves and a rag to stain. Will make it tremendous easy to use and I find it
a lot quicker than making use of a brush:  

The best way to stain wood

It definitely gets the stain into the wood also — you happen to be genuinely rubbing it

I only do a single coat of stain but if you want to deepen the coloration you can do a person
or two extra. Do be certain to hold out until it can be dry in amongst coats or you can have
a gummy mess. 

Never shake your poly — it will make bubbles and bubbles are the enemy of a
lovely, clean finish. 

Usually stir:

How to apply polyurethane

Staining is my favourite because it is quick gratification, but poly is a
shut next for the reason that it actually brings out the splendor of the wooden:

How to apply poly to wood

Even although these dressers are built with affordable pine, which can be
finicky with stain, it turned out superbly! 

You want to smooth out the poly coats as substantially as achievable. It can be practical to use
your light resource and appear at the merchandise from the facet to see what desires
touching up. I uncover a couple lighter coats do the job much better than a person weighty-handed

It already seemed SO very good! But I understood the final addition would make it even
improved. I applied
this reasonably priced lattice wood trim
I have proven you a million occasions to trim out each and every drawer entrance. 

I stained the parts initial and then minimize them down to the suitable sizing:

Tarva dresser hack with trim

A nail gun helps make for brief function (use brief nails to make certain they won’t go
through the again!) but you could certainly use glue as well!

You are going to have a bit of a tough edge alongside the facet if you trim
them out like I did. I could have mitered the edges (slice them at an angle) but
I was nevertheless applying
my handheld noticed and miter box since my noticed was “shed” in our transfer. 

I wished to have my rough edges going through to the side of the drawers in its place of
the best, so I did a extended piece together the prime and base and then the aspect

A bit of stain covered the raw edges right up!:

Jacobean stain on trim

When the stain was dry, it was time to poly these as properly. 

See how using the gentle aids to see what you’ve included?:

Applying wood trim to furniture

I’m absolutely THRILLED with how this came with each other! Gah! I adore it!

The top rated of the dressers stained up a great deal prettier than I considered it would!:

Jacobean stain on pine

I am impressed mainly because we’ve been making use of these for yrs without having any protection.
I experimented with to remain on top of any spills and averted leaving drinks on them, but
even now, I was stunned. 

I utilised pine trim to match the leading. Distinctive woods will stain up in another way
and even the same may possibly have little differences. 

Pine is surely a additional rustic seem, so prepare appropriately: 

Awesome Tarva transformation

My full program for this place is a rustic elegance layout and the nightstands
in good shape that beautifully:

Gale Force color with wood trim

The blue appears navy sometimes, often a blue environmentally friendly. I like them equally.

I never know if it can be just because I have been on the lookout at the pine dressers for
so very long or what, but I am smitten. They’re just so rather
and…finished. ) 

Tarva hack with paint and wood trim

From time to time it can be a good thing that I procrastinate. I didn’t have a terrific eyesight
of what I preferred right up until we moved into this property.

I had the lamps — I believed I experienced returned them and went to the basement
seeking for anything else and there they were! I should have recognised they’d get the job done

Tarva DIY hack with stain and paint

Of program, like usual, one completed task starts a sequence of variations. I approach
to transform out the bedskirt sooner or later. It appeared good with our previous wall
coloration but I don’t like it in in this article with the drapes and dresser color: 

blue and wood dresser as nightstand

But that I can offer with! 

That photo above can make the dresser glance genuinely navy, but this one particular is the additional
correct shade. I am obsessed with it! It really is these types of a really blue: 

gale force blue dresser with wood trim

Mainly because you know I have to do it…here is the right before of this dresser:

Ikea Tarva three drawer dresser before

And this is the soon after, with some paint, stain and wonderful hardware!:

Tarva dresser with paint and Minwax stain

I’ve produced a TON of modifications in our bed room since ending these nightstands! You
can see all of the updates to our space about the years in this article. 

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These faux evergreen "plants" will fool everyone!

These faux evergreen "plants" will fool everyone!

If you don’t have a green thumb, these faux evergreen topiaries are perfect for your outdoor planters! 
The flowers in our front porch pots are a pain to keep alive…and it could be because I always forget to water them. 😉 
But mostly it’s because they get a ton of sun but very little rain since they’re covered on the porch. 
So for awhile now I’ve been looking for something to plant that is low maintenance and can handle the full sun most of the day. Oh, and a decent price! 
The perfect plant, basically. 
I thought about using this awesome plant that you can’t kill we have in the back yard: 
sedum tile plant in planter

They live in the planters with poles for our DIY string lights over the patio:
back porch with DIY string lights
Because they keep their color in the winter, I knew they’d be a great, low maintenance option for the front planters as well. 
But…I really wanted something with a more classic look that would fit in well all year round. And I feel like the front containers needed something with a little more height. 
I finally found the answer with these topiaries!:
evergreen topiary balls for landscaping
This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. 
See my policies and disclosure page for more information.  

They are faux evergreen topiary balls and they can be used in a variety of ways. There are three options available, depending on the look you want — boxwood, jasper and cypress. 
Boxwood and jasper have the tight, small leaf look (jasper has a larger leaf and is really pretty). I got cypress and it is more of a standard evergreen. I figured it would be the most realistic looking of the three. 
I was intrigued, but was worried they wouldn’t look as great in person. I ordered one and when it arrived I was super impressed: 
cypress faux topiary for planters

I can’t speak to the other versions, but the cypress option would easily fool someone up close.
Best part…they won’t die! 🙂 
You can separate the sphere into two, and many folks said they only used one topiary and put the two halves into two planters:
separate fake topiary ball
large round topiary in two
I tried that, but didn’t love it. 
At least with our planters, they sunk in too much and didn’t have quite the impact I was hoping for: 
half of round topiary in planter
They don’t look bad at all though! If you had a round planter that had a smaller opening, I think the halves would work beautifully.
These aren’t the thriftiest purchase ever, so I really wanted to love it that way. 
But I preferred them in one piece: 
fake topiary for planters
They make a much bigger statement, right? I love them. 🙂 

I’ve already made up what I would have spent on flowers for my planters this year!

By the way…mine are the same size as these faux boxwood spheres that cost $140!
I love that I can keep them out all year — they’ll look great in the winter:
black planter with green boxwood on porch

I was able to tuck ours into the pots a bit, so they don’t fly away, even in high winds. But if needed, you could anchor them into soil in the planter using these garden stakes. 
By the way, if you get a larger size and are able to smush them in just a bit, you won’t need any soil in your planters. 

A few things to consider about these easy evergreen balls: 

  • These faux topiaries come in sizes 11 inches to 19 inches. 
  • Measure the width of your planter opening to figure out the size you need. I’d go larger if you’re in between sizes.
  • These faux topiaries come in cypress (what we have), boxwood, jasper and a version that has cute faux white flowers (you can pick your design and size at the link). 
  • They are supposed to keep their deep green color even after exposure to the elements. I’ll report back on that!
black planter with green topiary ball

There are so many ways you can use these! 

  • How fun would these be with Christmas lights wrapped around them? Or even better — take them apart and stick the lights through from the inside out.
  • We saw a Mickey head that someone created using one large topiary and two smaller ones. How cute!! We plan to make one for the backyard someday to create our own “hidden Mickey.” 
  • Stack various sizes from small to large with this set to make a tall topiary. 
  • Of course these would be lovely inside as well —  perfect for perching on a pedestal. (Say that three times fast.)
  • They would be a really pretty wedding decor accent — the cypress would fit in perfectly for a winter wedding. 
  • A bunch of the 7″ smaller versions would look great lined up in a window box for a simple, classic look.
We’ve had ours on the porch in full sun for six weeks now and they still look brand new. I’m very pleased with the quality so far. 
These topiaries are such a great option for your planters if you don’t love gardening, or aren’t very good at it. OR if you can’t remember to water your flowers. 😬
You can find similar black square planters here and a similar green Magnolia wreath here. 
P.S. If you are reading on an iPad or on desktop, let me know if you like the new larger photos here or the mid-sized photos I’ve always used. I have both in this post for you to look at and decide. 🙂 TIA!
See more of our home here. 
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Hide the TV components & use your remote

After finishing up so many HUGE projects lately (the basement bookcase wall, garage makeover and mud/laundry makeover) I’m back to focusing on some smaller projects in our basement. I started one a couple months ago and left it in the dust when I focused on the garage clean up. Oh look, a butterfly! 😂
Now I’m working to finish that up and a couple other smaller projects as well. This was a quick one thankfully, and looks great! I’ve shared how to add metal sheeting to cabinet doors before, (you can see the fireplace makeover at our old house there) but this time it was even simpler. I figured I’d share how I did it. 
Why add metal sheeting you ask? Well when you like to have electronic components hidden away like me, it’s best to give them some air flow. Otherwise they run hot and that wills shorten the life of the components. Also, your remotes won’t work through a wood cabinet door, but will through metal sheeting.
You can also use an RF remote control system that allows you to keep your TV electronics in another room — I’ll add a link to that at the end of the post. We didn’t want to use that because we use the voice controls often. 
Here’s a reminder of how this project ended up: 
gray TV bookcase wall with bench
This is one of my favorite projects ever…I adore it. 
I cut the back out of two of the bottom bench cabinets in preparation for the electronics to be added later. We knew we’d have a receiver down there at the very least, and I wanted to allow for more air flow and access from the backs of the cabinets. 
A few weeks ago we had the first part of our sound system installed, and every time we turned on the TV we had to open the cabinet to get the remote to work. Then a cat or two would crawl back there…so I knew it was time to get those door fronts replaced. 
I removed the cabinet doors from the hinges and used a large drill bit to make holes in the four corners of the front panel. This gives you a spot to insert your jigsaw blade: 
using jigsaw to remove center of cabinet front
This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. 
See my policies and disclosure page for more information. 

This is where I did things a little differently than last time — I sawed right up to the edge of the center panel against the cabinet frame. This takes a little bit more of a steady hand but it doesn’t have to be perfect!

I had plenty of spots that weren’t perfectly flush: 

how to remove center of cabinet front
I grabbed my favorite little sander and used a coarse grit pad to get those parts flush: 
remove cabinet front for TV remote
It worked really well! I cleaned all of that up and touched up the inside parts with the paint color, Westchester Gray by Sherwin-Williams. 
Last time I did this I used a silver metal sheeting with a dark gray on our old fireplace built ins. This time I picked a brass/copper finish that matched our brass hardware. These sheets come in a few colors and designs.
Just figure out the size you’ll need and then it can be cut with regular scissors. This sheeting is very thin! 
I used my stapler to secure the metal to the back of the cabinet frame: 
metal sheeting on cabinet doors
It went into the sheeting easily — but you may have to pound the staples in so they’re flush with the wood. 
The rough edges of the sheeting aren’t crazy sharp — I wouldn’t rub my fingers along them on purpose but they won’t cut you just by touching it. You can add some small trim over the edges if you are worried about those. 
It looked even better than I expected! LOVE it: 
entertainment center remote access
You can find links to the brass hardware I used here. I really like the design on these metal sheets — it’s called Lincane. 
I know I say this all the time, but don’t let anyone tell you you can have both form and function. It just takes some creativity (or an internet search!) to make it happen. 🙂 
The remote works perfectly through the sheeting — so no need to open the doors anymore:
gray basement entertainment center with bench
I’m considering adding it to all three lower cabinets, but I don’t really want to spend more money when I like it as it is! This stuff isn’t crazy expensive, but I can only get one door out of each sheet. You can find these at most hardware stores or I’ll share some online sources below. 
These sheets are a great option if you need remote control access in a built in unit, but they also just look great as a custom accent on any cabinet!
You can also use glass or cane if you’d rather not use the metal. Here are a few options!: 
This metal mesh would give you a modern look 
Use this roll of rattan cane for a traditional or transitional look
“Chainlink” metal design in copper 
“Lincane” metal design like ours 
Cloverleaf metal design 
Hide your devices out of sight with this RF remote control extender kit 

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