How to extend an outdoor faucet

Hello my friends! Sometimes I find a product I love so much, it deserves it’s own blog post. Whether it’s a cleaning product like this super inexpensive vacuum that I LOVE, or the gorgeous cooking set I found (that still looks great by the way), or even furniture like my most favorite sofa ever. 
This time we’re heading outside for an item I got a few weeks ago but just recently assembled. There are many little details that I wish we had thought of while finishing this house (that started as a spec house). One of those little things that has always bugged me is how low and shallow our outdoor spigots are. 
I wish I would have had them installed higher for easier reach. They are SO low and so close to the stone, it’s difficult to get a hose attached. And as we get older, we avoid struggling with anything that requires crouching. Ha! 
low and shallow spigot on house

We’ve always used hose holders that sit on the ground. You may remember that I spray painted them last year: 
oil rubbed bronze hose holder bowl
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They’ve held up GREAT (I’ll show you in a minute), and I love the look of them, but we wanted something taller. Also, the clippings from the yard are always all over the place and stick like glue. 

I did some looking around online to see if there was a solution that would raise everything (including the spigot) up off the ground. I found the solution! 

This garden hose holder has a faucet that connects to the bib on the house: 
Aqua Joe hose and spigot extender
When the package arrived and I opened it up, it looked like a lot of pieces. I put it to the side for a few weeks till I had some extra time to sit down with it. And then when I did, it took about two minutes to assemble. That’s always the way…what I think will be easy takes 45 minutes and what I think will be difficult takes a couple. 
It’s really just three parts that snap together. It was also super easy to get staked into the ground. (Dampen the soil if yours won’t go in.)
We have a very long expandable hose that I love and I wasn’t so sure it would fit on the holder without pulling it over when filled up. It didn’t even budge!:
hose and faucet extender for hose bib

I love that you can place the holder wherever you want and turn on the water from where you’re at. I’ll be moving the location of the holder to another spot when I get a longer lead hose. That way I won’t have to walk across the back of the house to get to water for our potted plants. 

**I ordered this extension hose to reach to the spot I’m moving it to — it’s supposed to be flexible (our current one is not) and comes in a bunch of sizes. 
I also LOVE that you don’t have to crouch to get the hose or to turn it on. It is so easy to use!: 
extend hose and spigot to garden or yard

We liked it so much I immediately ordered another one for the other side of the house. 

They aren’t the most beautiful holders, but they are streamlined enough that you don’t really notice them. The great part is you can easily hide them behind bushes for or trees too. I’ll probably bury the lead hose in the mulch so you don’t see it. 
I think this is thing is brilliant! It comes with a two year warranty as well. I thought it may solve the same issues you too! You can find the standing hose holder here, the flexible extension hose I ordered and the long expandable hose we love. 
Oh and here’s how the metal hose holders have held up after spray painting them last fall: 
oil rubbed bronze round hose holder
They look great! I’ve figured out a way to reuse them outside, I’ll share that soon. 
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