My top 10 DIY hacks that make projects much easier

My top 10 DIY hacks that make projects much easier

These ten Do-it-yourself hacks will make your up coming portray or wood establish challenge a lot easier!

I’ve collected my favored minimal hacks and tips for dwelling Diy jobs to share with you! They are tips that save funds and make assignments go substantially smoother. 

I use ALL of them regularly and they assistance a ton, whether or not you’re staining, portray or constructing. 

My summer time of slothdom is about to end my buddies! If you’ve got been looking through for awhile you know how I do. Warmth can make me…weary. And grumpy. But typically genuinely lazy weary. 

I am presently dreaming up a bunch of Do-it-yourself projects I want to tackle now that a regular agenda will be on us once more shortly. 

That had me pondering about these Do-it-yourself tricks. Some of them are fairly essential, but I wish I would have recognized about them in my early do-it-myself days. 

Hardly ever fail to remember a paint shade

We’ve all been there — you need to have to contact up a place, or you really like a color so considerably you want to use it yet again. But did you use eggshell or satin? Was the color Storm Cloud or Stormy Clouds? 

Use a sharpie and label the again of your swap address with the identify, sheen and brand name of your paint: 

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This is super useful, in particular if you happen to be applied comparable hues all through your home, or even a diverse sheen. 

If you have to have more for touch ups, realizing what type of paint you made use of will be primarily handy. Various formulas might search significantly unique even nevertheless they’re the very same paint colour and sheen. 

Insulation tubing to fill holes

use insulation tubing to fill large trim

It truly is the excellent way to fill substantial gaps in trim or along the floor. (Backer rod is made for this intent, but any compact foam tubing will do the job!)

Considering the fact that it really is so easy to manipulate, you can reduce it to the dimensions you have to have and squish it into the smallest spots: 

fill large cracks with insulation tubing

It is especially useful when you have a huge hole you want to caulk over — you’d have to use a TON of caulk. With caulk you have to fill, then and wait more than and in excess of all over again as it dries, fill far more, let it dry, and so forth. 

With this it fills that in, you can expect to save all that caulk and you can end it off with a bead of caulk correct more than it. 

This would also be a further great way to fill large holes in the wall! I have a strategy I have used for several years, but a small cut of this may possibly function even superior. 

Paper bag in its place of sandpaper 

I Really like this very little hack and use it typically. Tear off a piece of paper bag to do your final sanding on wood staining and polyurethane projects: 

sanding with paper bag
I genuinely appreciate this for immediately after the final coat of polyurethane or protecting complete on wood — when you will not want to destroy the end by sanding (even with a fine grit), but you do want to knock down the small bits that keep your concluded merchandise from getting completely clean. 

Just “sand” all in excess of the surface area with the paper bag and it will knock all of that down and leave you with a beautifully easy area and no marks. 

You can use this paper bag trick above a DRY painted surface area as well!

Make low cost wood look a great deal improved

You can use “prevalent” pine or pick out pine — I use choose pine for the regions you can expect to really see…like the trim on the front of bookcases. 

Common pine is the most low-cost and will have additional knots and imperfections:

filling imperfections in cheap wood

A ton of the time I will just roll on my paint closely in those areas and enable it go at that. You can see below that the paint failed to fill in that tough spot more than enough. 

If that would not address it perfectly plenty of or I want a really expert search and really feel (AKA I am attempting to be individual), I use a putty knife and wooden filler to fill in all those places: 

filling knots in cheap wood

I also use spackle (that I use when filling drywall holes) and it holds up just as very well. 

Use the putty knife to drive the filler in and then evenly sand ahead of portray again. You will never even discover the imperfections when you are completed!

Shims are your friend 

using shims to make cabinets level

You can use them beneath, at the rear of and in concerning to get almost everything beautifully flush. 

But they’re also beneficial for created in projects and getting the entrance trim looking super skilled:

make bookcase trim flush

See how seamless these front frames are on the bookcases? That front trim is the most vital element in my belief — it really is what you see much more than just about anything else! 

If your trim would not match up perfectly, you can use shims to provide the trim forward and flush with the relaxation. 

I did not just take the time to do this on my office environment created ins. To fix it and bring the entrance of the cabinets forward just a bit, you can want to tap the thin stop of the shims at the rear of that trim right until it brings it forward sufficient: 

how to use shims in build projects

By the way, it really is not the end of the globe…most of the time only you will detect these tiny imperfections. (And any person else who does will get a cookie…)

You may possibly have to do it from the two the prime and the bottom, but it will work! When you have the shim where you want it, score it with a razor and snap off the conclusion with the skinny section even now at the rear of the trim. 

Use caulk to fill in any gaps the shims established on the best of the shelf. (On bookcases most will be over your head in any case.)

Buying the perfect piece of wood

The far more you invest on wood, the a lot less you will have to watch for imperfections. It is really worthy of it to me to spend (a great deal) fewer on pine and spend a little much more time digging to come across “cleaner” boards. 

Check out for huge knots (they might pop up or out of the wooden about time), sticky sap (that is not possible to get off) and lacking chunks of wood. 

If you obtain a board that checks all of individuals off the list, you may also want to check the wood for bowing. A piece will glance great on the shelf, and then you will get it household and comprehend it really is so horribly uneven you are not able to get it to lay flat. 

You can prevent this by keeping the board in entrance of you on the flooring and eyeing it suitable down the center: 

how to check wood for bowing

You will quickly be capable to notify if it’s straight and flat. 

If you seem closely, you are going to see that my board is a bit bowing at the end — just a bit of a bow that goes to the right. This does not hassle me at all if I’m working with the wooden for front trim, as I know I will be in a position to safe it well enough. 

I always check my skinnier molding parts for bowing as very well. If it is slim plenty of you are going to be equipped to straighten it out all through install, but some pieces should be averted all collectively. 

Test wooden boards from all sides, as the wooden can bow all sorts of methods. 

Get uniform spacing 

If the spacing isn’t really steady you will observe that smaller imperfection much more than you believe. 

I have uncovered a coin is an straightforward way to get that properly thin, constant hole involving each and every shiplap: 

using a coin to space shiplap

You can want to move it down the plank as you nail it in. From time to time I use a penny for a smaller crack, occasionally a nickel.

Scrap wooden minimize to the size you have to have is also Terrific way to easily preserve measurements dependable when you might be putting in a trim challenge: 

scrap wood jigs to space trim projects

They make it Considerably less difficult to maintain steady distances through your venture: 

easy wainscoting installation tips

Reducing a gap in the center of wood 

Sometimes you may require to cut a gap for an outlet, swap plate or vent on the wall. A jigsaw is the very best way to slice these scaled-down, thorough places:

cutting wood with jigsaw

It is really uncomplicated to do when your cuts are on the side of the board — just begin slicing with your jigsaw from the facet. 

But if you require to lower a hole in the center of the board, this trick is practical. Do NOT try to commence a slash with a jigsaw right on the wooden. It will rattle all about and most likely snap the blade. 

As an alternative, use a drill and drill little bit to drill holes into your wood as a “starter” for the jigsaw: 

drill holes into wood to start jigsaw

That way you can slip your jigsaw blade into the gap and begin a straight cut. I like to use four holes so I you should not have to do any curved cuts. 

Use scrap to protect your projects

I tend to retain way too substantially scrap wooden…I have learned to allow go around the yrs but it hurts my soul a little little bit each and every time. 

I do continue to keep some scrap due to the fact I’ve acquired it really is difficult to end a great deal of Do-it-yourself jobs without having it! 

When you have a board that is heading to match just a tad much too tight into a spot (and you really will not want to go slash millimeters off of it for the 3rd TIME), use scrap pieces to pound your trim into location: 

using scrap wood to install tight wood

Listed here I’m keeping the scrap underneath the trim and hammering it into area until it is stage. If you tried using to do this straight to the wonderful trim aspect, you’d dent the sides or front with your hammer or mallet. 

You you should not at any time want to force your wooden where it will never in good shape, so if it’s way much too extensive cut it down. 

A piece that is thisclose to fitting, you can very easily maneuver it into location by pounding it with your scrap wood. And your very good wooden will nevertheless glance excellent! 

If you appear carefully, you are going to see that I also use scrap to produce down my measurements. Specially useful if you’re likely up or down actions to cut your wooden and you tend to overlook the precise measurement by the time you get to the noticed. 🙂 

I also use scrap wood parts to remove trim — if you set much too significantly stress on a crowbar it will dent or crack the drywall: 

how to remove baseboards

If you can find a great deal resistance as you drive the crowbar again to pull the base absent, it will dent your walls. Place a slim piece of scrap wood driving the crowbar and the wood will disperse the pressure. 

Very easily clean paint brushes

I use this brush cleansing comb each time I thoroughly clean my paint brushes: 

paint brush cleaning comb

You use it to comb the paint and dried up bits out of your paint brush. I use it when I wash the brushes, and then at times afterwards after they dry to get any minimal supplemental bits out of there just before portray again. 

If you use it continually, your brushes will last a very very long time. It has saved me hundreds of dollars over the several years! 

Do you use any of these simple Do-it-yourself hacks? I use them on ALL of my projects, big to small. I’m absolutely sure I’ve overlooked a couple, but these are my favorites. 

Any other individuals you use persistently? Experience absolutely free to share in the responses. 🙂 

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