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What security doors and windows protect us from a fire?

In recent years, Greece is experiencing more and more devastating fires, which often leave behind hundreds of victims.

Proper organization by the state of fire protection is of course crucial in this matter, but it makes sense to wonder if we can shield our homes with security doors on our own.

There are many ways of fire protection in a house and one of them concerns the frames and windows.

These openings in the bearing body play a huge role in whether the fire will eventually destroy the house or cause minor damage, but also in whether the occupants will be protected since they have not had time to leave and are still inside.

So let’s see below what applies to the three most popular types of doors and windows, wood, aluminum, and PVC.

The key element that makes the difference is the material of the security door and the window in terms of its ability to stop the course of the fire and not allow it to enter the interior of the house.

Wooden windows and security doors

Wooden windows and security doors offer no fire protection, precisely because wood is a flammable material.

Even with special coatings, it is a matter of time before we talk about a big fire, the window burns and the fire enters the house. The same goes for the old wooden windows and doors, which do not have good tightness.

If the fire enters the house, then it is especially dangerous for the occupants even from the first minute due to the smoke and fumes.

In addition, the fire immediately causes cracks in the walls, resulting in a problem later in the statics of the building.

PVC windows and doors

The same problem of tightness is observed in the plastic windows and PVC doors, so also the fire penetrates with great speed inside.

An even more important problem, however, is that the plastic, when burned, produces extremely toxic fumes, which lead to immediate death by inhalation.

After all, inhaling toxic fumes is a more common cause of death in the event of a fire than burns.

Aluminum windows and doors

Aluminum windows and doors have the incomparable advantage of high tightness, so in the first phase, as long as the shutters and windows are closed, they do not allow fire to enter.

So, there are many examples of people who were inside their house and the fire went over the house, but without destroying it or creating toxic smoke.

In addition, aluminum is a non-flammable material and has high resistance to high temperatures, so it can withstand a long time under the influence of fire.

Therefore, it can adequately protect both human lives and our property.

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