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Brave Ground – The color of the year 2021

Brave Ground – The color of the year 2021

Do you want to know first of all the color of the year 2021? Are you going to paint your house and you want the most modern colors? Timely information is the right tool for painting your home properly in 2021.

Experts in color and international designers have studied, globally, the developments that affect every area of ​​life. They identified our need for hope, with faith in ourselves, with a willingness to cooperate, building on the past and planning for the future.

What has happened is that the difficulties we faced and the unprecedented changes made us feel insecure. Our house acquired a new dimension and we reconnected with it. We seek the stability of the earth, the hospitable home, while there is a clear tendency to re-evaluate what really makes sense in our lives.


Brave Ground & its features

The shade that best captures the man of today, for a simultaneous connection with nature and simple things, is one and earthy color, Brave Ground.

It is a strong earthy, warm color that reflects a sense of stability, growth and dynamism. The spaces painted with Brave Ground radiate the mood for change and creativity that is based on a stable and secure base.

The color of the year 2021…

• It is a warm, natural, neutral color that gives a sense of balance
• It is suitable for every room of the house
• Strengthens the personality of professional spaces. With the right combinations it fits perfectly from restaurants (cafes, restaurants) and hotels, professional offices (accounting, law) and doctor’s offices to large buildings such as hospitals and schools.
• It is friendly to the existing shades of your home. You can renovate the living room or the bedroom by painting even a single wall of the room. You can also make a wonderful style on the wall and delimit the new office in your home
• It is a flexible shade that allows other colors to project their own identity

Brave Ground & painting combinations for 2021

For each type of personality, New Jersey experts have designed and recommend 4 easy-to-use color palettes. All have as their core the color of the year for 2021, Brave Ground. But each one emits a different energy and style, as their names suggest.

These are the 4 color palettes of 2021 and accompany the color of the year BRAVE GROUND.

1. Timeless Colors

If you want to create a relaxed, warm, everyday atmosphere, it is recommended that you choose and combine Brave Ground with one or more colors from the Timeless color palette. It consists of shades of yellow, ocher and copper. Fits perfectly with any traditional or modern furniture. While highlighting the presence of handmade constructions or made of natural materials.


2. Expressive Colors

As its name suggests, this palette “hosts” vivid, expressive colors! Their painting shades are between red and pink. You will choose these combinations if you are or you are addressing people who dare. They like the different and the intense shades. The Expressive colors go best with modern furniture, graphic patterns and light-colored floors.


3. Trusted Colors

The combination of colors of this palette creates a warm, welcoming and harmonious feeling. It consists of relaxing, soft, natural shades such as light gray and warm brown. If you belong to the category of working from home or you like the idea of ​​having your own office at home, even in a corner of a room, it is an ideal proposal. Discreet shades match furniture in simple lines and elements such as copper, marble and velvet.

4. Earth Colors

The Earth palette consists of colors of nature, earth and sky, green and blue shades. The designers created this palette and recommend it to those who want to bring nature into their space. They go well with building elements and furniture in natural wood, beautiful ceramics and indoor plants.

The color of the year 2021 Brave Ground suits every room of your house

It is the earthy nature and the flexibility of Brave Ground that make it suitable for any room but also for any style of home. It is neutral and can be used alone, with various techniques on the walls (horizontal lines, arches, asymmetrical circles, etc.) or as a canvas to bring to life dozens of other shades.

Brave Ground and 2021 color palettes in your living room

What painting combinations for living room?

The color combinations for living room that will win the impressions 2021 has a central “hero” Brave Ground. Flexible, earthy and neutral, it challenges you to combine it with one, why not two, of the colors you will find in the 4 palettes for 2021.

Brave Ground and 2021 color palettes give you ideas for your kitchen

What color to paint my kitchen?

As one of the most important rooms in the house, the decoration of the kitchen affects all members of the family. With multiple roles, as a meeting place, cooking and dining area, kitchens must radiate cleanliness, elegance, comfort, serenity, creativity and friendliness at the same time. 72 kitchen colors starring Brave Ground are at your disposal to make wonderful color combinations and achieve the atmosphere that expresses your family.

Brave Ground the color of the year 2021 in your kitchen!

The home office acquires a modern personality through the color palette 2021

The truth is that most families can rarely afford an entire office room at home. This is not a problem! As long as the wall or corner you choose has all your care and is transformed into a cozy workplace. Choose colors that create a sense of comfort, calm while at the same time contributing to your concentration and productivity. 2021 color palette offers you wonderful shades and gives you ideas (two colors, arches, vertical or horizontal stripes) to make your home office truly special.


Brave Ground with creative color styles refresh your bedroom

If you need a change in your bedroom it is not necessary to refresh the whole space. By changing only a few elements of the room you can achieve a wonderful result. Nowadays, the most economical and fast solution is to paint one or two walls of the bedroom. Even more impressive would be to make a style, free circle or horizontal lines, on the wall as shown in the picture above. And to faithfully follow the fashion trends, choose colors from the color palette for 2021.


A simple painting style with the color of the year 2021, Brave Ground

For those of you who have recently painted your home or office, but were fascinated by the color of the year, we suggest a simple wall style. It will quickly and simply refresh your space and bring you back to the forefront of fashion.
Paint an arch starring Brave Ground. It’s a smart way to add extra visual interest to the space and grab the attention of your visitors.


The color of the year 2021, Brave Ground, for business spaces

According to Helen van Gen, Creative Akzo Nobel International Center for Aesthetics, Brave Ground can play an important role in the workplace. With the relaxing, refreshing and natural tones of his palettes, she and her team hope to empower professionals to create spaces that inspire creativity, optimism and joy.


Colors for schools and tutoring starring Brave Ground

The spaces that host students must offer balance, positivity and stability. Seven basic parameters contribute to the increase of learning by up to 16%. Color is one of them. With calm and neutral shades on the walls, such as Brave Ground, to give positive energy and prevail.


Modern offices are painted with Brave Ground

Offices such as accounting, law and even clinics that receive a lot of people every day need to have high aesthetics. We all know that the first impression we make affects, consciously or not, the attitude and attitude of others towards us. So if you value your work and your customers, choose your office to have color combinations that create a sense of security, prestige, cleanliness. A shade with these features is Brave Ground.


Colors for hospitals that emit positive energy

In the field of health, color is called to play an important and catalytic role in the psychology of patients, their relatives and staff. Colors are chosen that create a calm, optimistic, anxious environment. Such as Brave Ground and the Earth Colors color palette.


Dynamic painting combinations for hotels with personality

Color is one of the strongest and most visible design elements of a hotel and architects and decorators are well aware of its power. Choosing colors and combinations for a hotel actually shape his personality. We “build” the first impression of our visitors. For 2021, with Brave Ground and its palettes offer endless color combinations for any hotel, whatever its personality and style. It is up to you to choose the color combinations that will make your space special, attractive, unforgettable and pleasant for your customers.


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