The ultimate laundry room organization!

Well hello! We got out of town for a bit last weekend and it was great to get away for a few days! I was reminded when got home how much I love having our big, beautiful laundry room that I recently made over. 
When we travel it’s so nice to walk right in and empty the dirty clothes right out of the suitcases into the washer and hamper. This room works like a well oiled machine now that I’ve added so much storage! 
I wanted to show you how I’ve organized everything in the new cabinets on this wall:
Laundry mud room combo cabinets
As a reminder, here’s how this spot started — just a table for folding clothes: 
folding table in laundry

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Problem was, that surface was always covered with STUFF. 
We moved the upper cabinets from over the washer and dryer to this corner instead. I keep our laundry items in one cabinet: 

laundry room supply organization

We have extra detergent, our fabric shavers, stain spray, etc. on these shelves. It’s so nice to be able to reach these now! 
On the other side I keep all of the cleaning supplies. These used to be in the new cat closet: 
cleaning supply organization in cabinet

By the way, I used to keep some cleaning supplies in different areas — for example, in an upstairs bathroom or in the basement. I’ve learned if I keep it all in one spot I can keep track of what we need much better.
Because I installed four 18 inch cabinets below, we had 12 drawers to fill and organize. Heaven! 😍 Here’s a look inside a few of them. 
The top drawers are shallow — I organized those with flat drawer bins for charging cords (separated into those for phones and for other rechargeable items) and outlet chargers: 
storing charging cords in drawer
Those plastic drawer bins are my absolute favorite! So easy to stack or store right next to each other. 
And I used these awesome plastic bins with lids for batteries and Command hooks/strips in this drawer: 
storage bins with lids for small stuff
The other top drawers hold random stuff like sunglasses and pens and all of our mail that needs to be sorted. I LOVE having all of the mail out of sight! 
The second and third rows are much deeper. This one is probably my favorite: 
to do drawer in mud room
Is it weird to have a favorite drawer? 🙂
This one holds all the stuff I don’t want to deal with at any given moment. Things I need to return, items that are “to do’s” and little items I’ve picked for a future gift. I LOVE this drawer. 
I put all of our extra office supplies into this one: 
office supply organization drawer
See all that tape? That’s what happens when you don’t keep like items together in your home. When I purged all of our stuff years ago I realized how many rolls of tape we had. 😲 We’ll have tape, rubber bands, and paper clips till the day we die. 
Most of our gift wrap supplies used to hang in the closet, but I condensed it down into this drawer: 
gift wrap supply drawer organization
If you ever have to blow up a bunch of balloons, that electric balloon inflator is AWESOME! It makes it so easy and fast. 
I still have our wrapping paper on the back of the mud room closet door: 
gift wrap storage solution
And finally, the bottom set of drawers holds more utility items like extension cords and remote switches: 
extension cord and utility storage
Most of these are only needed around the holidays, but I wanted easy access year-round.
And our light bulbs are super easy to reach now as well: 
light bulb storage in drawer
No idea why we have so many light bulbs. They seem to multiply. Now that we use mostly LED I may just donate the older ones. 
Adding all of this storage has me one step closer to a place for everything and everything in its place! Some of these items were in the closet in here before now, some were in the garage and some just floated around the house till one of us dealt with them. Ha!
We even have an EMPTY drawer. As we use up some of the extras even more space will open up. It took a few weeks for me to remember which drawer was what — my husband will be opening a few at a time for awhile though. 😂
And of course, I had to have some pretty organization on display as well: 
pretty laundry supply storage with labels
You can read more about that DIY laundry shelf and the pretty waterproof labels can be found here. 

See my favorite plastic storage bins with the lids here and the open, stackable plastic bins as well!

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