Gadgets as Christmas gifts 2020

Gadgets as Christmas gifts 2020

Gadgets as Christmas gifts 2020

Let’s be honest. When shopping –θήκες κινητών– for a last minute gift to give to someone you love and care about, what matters is the thought. And when we say movement, we do not mean what you do as a buyer, but what the recipient will do by throwing your gift IN THE GARBAGE. Do not find it strange. Gifts that you receive in a hurry can be devastating. Especially when they are aimed at a sought after audience.

And here we “catch” the sought-after audience of gadgets. “Wanted”, did we say? “Relentless”, we meant. Ready to call you “Neanderthal” because you do not know the last gadget that someone took out somewhere and it does not serve anything or anyone. So, if you wish to be the cool friend who always makes the best gifts stick to this article and read it till the last word.

So base yourself on technology gifts that will make a difference this holiday season. has some great smartphone gadgets that you will absolutely love!


If you are a fugitive and you want something convenient and at the same time economical, then with the Toshiba Laptop-Tablet you are done. A laptop, mainly to take to the office-home-office and with a lithium battery that lasts as long as a Eurogroup meeting. That is, more than a day. You do not need to be Bill Gates to understand that this is not just a typical gift under the tree, but a multitasking tool for years to come. Of course, there are many laptops you can find, that this is quite a decent choice for its price.

Price: around 299 €

Parrot Hydrofoil

Logically, all today’s kids should have a mini drone craze! Here we have it πότε So, is there a richer gift than a mini amphibious drone? Parrot Hydrofoil Newz is the ultimate childhood (both teenage and male) dream. It flies in the air at 18 km / h, walks in the water at 10 km / h and can take pictures thanks to the VGA 640x480p camera. How much bigger sticking? Gone are the days when you had your remote-controlled car and you were the berry of the neighborhood.

Now the phase requires a drone and you will see that the baptism-child-niece after that will have you as a god. You will definitely be your friends’ favorite after gifting them a freaking drone!

Price: 179.90 €

Activity Tracker Withings Activite Pop 

This watch is the perfect gift for your gadget friend. Through this magic device he can control the quality of his sleep, while via Bluetooth he connects to the smartphone and stores information about his physical condition (eg how much he has walked), while he also has an alarm clock! One can wear it anywhere, as it looks like a simple watch. If you are one of those who are bored to charge, it does not matter, since it has an autonomy of 8 months! It weighs just 37 grams and is “worn on the right like jewelry”…

Price: 159.90 €

Action camera

A gift that you must give away (but also receive sometime) is an action camera. Our authors may be blunt with it, but you who know how to use it, will be extremely useful to you. You suck it in the cutlet and live your best moments even under the water. Because they are waterproof, they cannot be harmed and at the same time their functions are UNDERSTANDINGLY SICK. So, if you already got a gift for your kid and you are still looking for what you will get for the woman of your life or your boyfriend, this camera is expected to untie your hands. And much cheaper than the plethora of the most action cameras.

It is a longlasting gift that will offer you unforgettable moments during the summer vacation at the beach or at the winter trip in the snow! It is a present that you will also get to use so you will hit two birds with one stone, think about it!

Price: 149.90 €

Intel Compute Stick

An essential gadget, unless you still have a black and white TV in the living room and your favorite TV series is “Amusement Park” at YENED (or did ERT1 show it?). The Intel Compute Stick BOXSTCK1A32WFCL is so small and versatile that it is more like a USB Stick than a MOST EQUIPMENT Gadget that turns your TV into a PC. The Intel machine connects via HDMI port to your TV, while supporting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect it to your home network.

If these gadget did not catch your attention or if you wish to get something more affordable, then we have a bonus solution. A great but cheap gift is a smartphone case or a pair of Bluetooth headphones. We are one hundred percent sure that  these kinds of gifts will be more than enough to bring a smile to your girl’s or boy’s face this Christmas!

Choose between hundreds of phone cases and other accessories such as tripods, selfie sticks, car mounts and more! is the greatest place to get your smartphone gifts!

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