How to Ask a Guy if He Likes You (Without Looking Needy): 7 Steps to Follow

How to Ask a Guy if He Likes You (Without Looking Needy): 7 Steps to Follow

Have you at any time genuinely favored a dude at get the job done or at faculty, and you didn’t know how he felt about you? You are questioning how to talk to a dude if he likes you, but you’re apprehensive you’ll glance needy. You really feel like a teen once more, attempting to determine out if he likes you with out looking like a fool.

If you’ve been in a romantic relationship and are one once more, maybe your “guydar” is skewed you never know how to read through signs a male is into you anymore. Or maybe you have a male close friend that you are starting to have inner thoughts for. How do you gauge no matter if he feels the exact with out jeopardizing the friendship?

It is discouraging, is not it? Not to stress. I’m right here to assist you see if it is correct to take points from out of the close friend zone into one thing much more romantically fulfilling.

How to Ask a Dude if He Likes You

It can truly feel exceptionally susceptible to put by yourself out there and inform someone that you’re attracted to them, but as they say: no threat, no reward. If you don’t convey your inner thoughts, how can you hope to quite possibly have a romance with an individual terrific?

As for fearing rejection, know that it is fully standard. But really, what’s the worst point that can take place? He could say he’s not intrigued in you. This isn’t junior superior he’s not likely to level and chuckle at you. He’ll feel flattered and thank you for your honesty. But if he does not really feel the very same, the entire world doesn’t finish.

I’m certain you’ve been by way of even worse than a man not liking you, suitable?

Now that you’re completely ready to get on the entire world (even if it includes a minor rejection), let’s appear at how to ask a guy if he likes you…the correct way.

Stage 1: Fork out Consideration to His Unspoken Signals

The actuality is: you could not even need to ask him outright if he’s into you since he could be providing you nonverbal indicators a single way or one more.

Pay back consideration to his system language. Does he lean toward you when he talks? Make excuses to touch you? Does he smile usually?

Does he make paying time with you a priority? Does he retain eye make contact with when you talk?

Perhaps he even offhandedly pointed out that he’s not dating other girls. This could be his way of telling you that he’s open up to courting you.


…does he preserve his length, with his arms crossed? Does he normally feel to be on the lookout for anyone else to communicate to at a bash?

In this case, he may well not be interested in you, and you may preserve you the discomfort of acquiring him convey to you instantly.

Step 2: Be (Captivating) Self-confident

I’ll say this yet again: if he is not into you, it is not the finish of the entire world. Be self-assured likely into a conversation about your feelings and you will have significantly far better achievements.

You have to have the angle that “I’m freaking awesome and he would be fortunate to have me!”

Assurance is attractive. It is what attracts men and women to you. Exuding confidence keeps you from hunting needy! Envision these two scenarios:

Self-confident Carla: “We actually have a good time hanging out! I’m picky about who I devote time with, but you passed the exam [smile]. How do you feel about heading out as a lot more than mates?”

Insecure Ima: “Um…I simply cannot sleep at night due to the fact I’m pondering about you. Do you imagine about me far too?”

Which do you assume a man will be far more attracted to? Self-assured Carla is letting him know he’s exceptional in that she deems him deserving to expend time with her, and that will only make a dude want to devote even far more time with her. Ima is needy and whiny and no male will want that.

Even if the person you’re into doesn’t return your inner thoughts, really don’t let it bruise your ego. Keep in mind: rejection is only someone’s belief. It’s not the truth of the matter. I mean that if a male doesn’t like you romantically, it does not mean you are flawed. It usually means you are not correct for him (and he’s not appropriate for you, even if you cannot see that right now). Probably he’s seeking for a 6-foot-tall blonde woman who plays the accordion. It is not your dilemma that you really do not suit that demographic.

Consider rejection as a discovering software: what indicators did he give you both way that you can shell out attention to in the potential? How can you gauge curiosity? How can you use that details to be a much more self-assured female?

Phase 3: Give Him the Environmentally friendly Mild

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Demonstrate desire in him to enable him know how you sense. Maybe he’ll just arrive out and tell you he likes you with you acquiring to check with initial!

How do you give him the inexperienced light? Flirt a minimal. Make a point of paying time with him. Textual content him. Dress nicely when you are close to him. If you have been buddies, act just a tiny diverse, like you would with a person you ended up striving to impress. For the reason that, right after all, you are attempting to impress him!

If this fails to get his consideration (some men can be dense!), go to Action 4.

Move 4: Go for the Refined Talk to

If you’re seeking to determine out how to question a guy if he likes you, I’m ready to bet you might not be all that brazen and really do not sense snug just indicating, “hey! I’m into you! Whatcha wanna do about it?”

So prior to you force you that far out of your convenience zone, try out the subtle request.

Question to invest time with each other or cling out like you typically do.

Then, when you are jointly and he’s cozy, permit him know you like him (but preserve it mild).  Allow him know what precisely you like:

“I definitely respect how supportive of me you are.”

“I assume we’ve received terrific chemistry.”

It is significant to have this conversation confront to encounter so you can gauge his response. He could be stunned, so be prepared for that. But that does not mean he doesn’t return your emotions. He may perhaps not have identified how to carry it up himself.

However, this dialogue could go either way, so be prepared for whatsoever his remedy is. How will you deal with issues if he needs to stay pals? Your moi may possibly be a minor bruised, and you may possibly have to have some time to get around the disappointment.

Phase 5: Straight Up Request Him

Hold out until finally he’s comfortable right before opening up to him.

If remaining delicate isn’t your factor, try a extra direct tactic.

Make it playful and inquire with a smile:

“Have you been crushing on me these days?”

Be far more critical if have to have be:

“Are you producing feelings for me?”

It’s all in how you produce your concern: if you request with a smile and good human body language, he’ll know that him telling you he likes you will be a great issue.

Stage 6: Make Confident Your Effort is Reciprocated

It’s all far too quick to continue to be in your head when trying to talk to a person if he likes you and disregard his reaction, but it is vital as a Captivating Confident lady to assure that inner thoughts go both ways.

Never chase him. Don’t be extremely offered. I know you are thrilled to shift factors from being friends to one thing much more, but you however are worthy of to be in a romance where he pursues you and treats you like the high-worth female that you are. So pay focus to the indicators to make sure that he’s just as stoked about remaining with you as you are him.

If He Does not Return Your Feelings…

missing piece heart
It might sense like he’s your lacking piece, but 1 day, you are going to obtain the guy who really is.

Never dwell on it! Go on. You are seeking for Mr. Proper, and if this gentleman does not return your inner thoughts, then he’s not it. You may perhaps not be able to see why you are not a excellent healthy with this dude suitable now, but down the street, when you meet up with a guy that is 100% excellent for you, you will see why you essential to have this working experience in purchase for you to remain true to your route for really like.

If you are mates, take some time to procedure your feelings. You may not want to be about him for a handful of months while you soothe your ruffled feathers. Be honest with him about you needing some time, but permit him know that the friendship is critical to you and that you’ll appear again close to when you are ready.


I know that telling a guy that you treatment for him can make you experience extremely susceptible, and for some ladies, that’s about the worst factor they can truly feel. But vulnerability is a vital ingredient of a wholesome and delighted connection, so I persuade you to work via your irritation.

And hey, if he likes you, far too, won’t that irritation have been completely really worth it?

I want to hear from you! Did you use one particular of these techniques for how to request a male if he likes you? Share the outcome in the feedback under.

And if you have to have a little something more to assistance you attract a wonderful man to you, examine out my class, The Female Charm Code.

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